Janet G. Benton, Psy.D.

psychologist and psychoanalyst NYC | UPPER WEST SIDE



How do we maintain personal creativity in our lives while also being grounded in reality? 

As a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, I try to engage people in a shared effort to come to terms with this question. It is one that affects us all: people in the arts and people in business; people (gay, straight, married or single) raising families, and couples and single people who have chosen not to have children; and people transitioning between phases of life, between careers, between partners, and between value systems.

In this psychological context I seek, in a mutual endeavor with my client, to understand how feelings and thoughts affect a person’s sense of self (Who am I and how am I leading my life?) and to understand a person’s experience in the world (How do I relate to other people and to my culture?). Using these questions as a framework, I work with individuals and couples to address circumstances and issues of living, circumstances and issues that have become increasingly complex and uncertain in our times. Being a mental health professional in a complicated and unpredictable city like New York, issues such as anger management and stress reduction are frequent topics of discussion in my practice with people already in therapy with me and/or those interested in learning what psychotherapy can do for them. I value the importance of pragmatic change while also valuing trying to know why and how someone has come to be the person she or he is.


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