Janet G. Benton, Psy.D.

psychologist and psychoanalyst NYC | UPPER WEST SIDE



Life and Work Transitions



As a therapist I try to keep life transitions, as well as cultural issues that can deeply affect transitions (e.g., politics, economics, war), keenly in mind. Life transitions happen every day of our lives but there are certain times when we are acutely aware of change. Graduating from college and entering the working world; finding a significant other (or deciding not to); having children (or deciding not to); balancing work ambition, supporting oneself and family, and other needs and desires; moving into middle age, post-middle age, then “old” age. Children being dependent on you morphs into you being dependent on them. The list goes on.

I try to bring to the fore these issues about transition and change that are embedded in daily life. They are not always acknowledged or seen and thus make people uneasy and often regretful, states of mind that can cause anxiety and depression.